"Juggernaut temple" Legend has it that the King and Queen of Orissa [indian state], strolling on the beach came upon an unusual driftwood brought in by the sea.Vishnu-God of Gods - appearing as a woodworker, promised the royal couple he would carve the image of God out of that log, but requested that nobody should look at the work in progress. When he was interrupted by a curious Queen, he left these geometrical images of "Lord Juggernaut", of his brother"Lord Balarama" [on the left] and of his sister "Subhadra" [center]. A temple was build to house them in Puri - state of Orissa - India 22"x 27"x 9" $15000 back to"sculptural" main page About us - Jewelry box - Picture frame - Bowls / plates - Sculptural Lamps - Clocks - pendants - Links Contact us